Jack Wakefield (South Elmsall)

 I passed first time with Wayne with only 5 minor faults, I have recommended him to around 6 of my friends.

Paul Scattergood (South Elmsall)

I passed first time with Wayne with only 5 minor faults.


Rebecka Bond (South Elmsall)

Wayne, Your’e free!!! Thank you for everything. Ive really enjoyed all (but 1) of my lessons and will definately be back for pass plus! Youv’e been a great instructor, in more than just driving. Thank you. Becky x

Martin Robinson (Castleford)

First time pass, 7 minors


Charlene Thornton (Castleford)

I passed on my third attempt. Wayne was very patient and encouraging, I am glad I stuck with it its great now I have passed


Craig Mountain (Hillam)

I came to Wayne having had some lessons with another instructor who’s car I didn’t like. Wayne was very professional, Friendly, witty at times? I passed first time. I also did pass plus we went everywhere it seamed.


Kieren Woods (Castleford)

First time pass 7 minor faults. I also did pass plus. I enjoyed the ride out particularly over sadleworth moore limit point driving!!!

James Brook (Normanton)

I chose wayne as my instructor from Pontefract New College drivers scheme. First time pass 5 minor faults. Did pass plus, Limit point driving is awsome


Robert Sambrook (Rob Normanton)

I changed driving instructors after failing 3 times. I passed first time with Wayne with only 3 minor faults.

Scott Holder (Castleford)

1st time pass 7 minor faults. My girlfriend Steph Allison also passed 1st time with Wayne with 5 minor faults, Damn


Amy Parkinson (sesku)

Wayne! Had a great time learning with you. Thanks for putting up with me and my swearing!! Guna miss all your great singing!! Love Amy xxx

Lorraine and Steve Parkinson (Amy’s Mum and Dad)

Wayne, A world of thanks! for geting Amy through her driving test! She’s really enjoyed learning from you. Hope to see you again in April for Tom (her brother) Regards Lorraine and Steve Parkinson.


Louise Goodyear (sesku)

Thank you for all your help and hard work, am gunna miss you! Love Louise “G” (Kenny)

Claire Hilliam (Castleford)

Just a quick thanks for getting me there eventually!, I drove my boyfriends vectra and it felt huge – dont like it now! lol, Cheers Clairey x


Sam Lockett (South Elmsall)

Passed first time with only 4 minor faults, would reccomend to anyone, thanks wayne

Adam Lowe (Featherstone)

I was with another driving instructor before Wayne, I had 25 hours of driving and felt as though I wasn’t learning any more, we just seemed to drive around with no goal at the end. I started with Wayne had an additional 10 hours which I enjoyed and passed 1st Time with only 4 minor faults. I would highly recommend Wayne, he is a little more expensive but worth every penny. Thanks Wayne.


Damien Uddin (Castleford)

I went with a driving school that offered cheap lessons at the begining. I soon realised that you get what you pay for in this industry and went with Wayne. What a difference, I passed first time with only 5 minor faults. I have since recomended my girlfriend, Daniel Fawcett, she also passed first time with Wayne. Dont go cheap, get quality instruction.

Sarah Morgan (South Elmsall)

I passed first time with wayne, I had a laugh learning aswell, I would recommmend him to anyone. Already recommended my mate Ruth.


Ruth Spendlove (South Elmsall)

I had a different driving instructor at first, I realised I wasnt geting anywhere fast so changed instructors after speaking to Sarah, I passed first time with Wayne


Bevan Newall (Havercroft)

I started learning with Wayne in November 2008 and passed 1st time in May 2009 with 2 minors. I don’t thnk I would have passed as well as I did if I hadn’t learnt with wayne so as he costs the same as most other driving instructors but he is the best qualified ADI I’ve ever heard of I would definatly advise anybody to learn with him. He’s a great laugh and 4 of my friends are now learning with him. Cheers Wayne

Carole Trevelyan-Butler

Thanks Wayne for your expert tuition getting Mathew through his driving test first time. He has respected you,  enjoyed his lessons, and your sense of humour as well as your expertise
Thanks again Carole and Ralph


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