How To Choose An Instructor

Trainee / Fully Qualified

Basically there are two types of Driving Instructor, a “Trainee” and a Fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)

Lets look at the trainee first. These are PDI’s (Potential Driving Instructors), they display a PINK TRIANGULAR Licence. There are three tests to becoming an ADI, Part 1 is all about a driving instructors knowledge, very similar to the theory test. Part 2, this is a driving test, and Part 3, this is a test of instructional ability. A PDI (Trainee) has taken and past parts 1 and 2, they have also had 40 hours of training on how to teach. They are allowed at this stage to apply for a “Trainee Licence”, this licence normally lasts for six months and entitles the PDI to teach people to drive for reward i.e get paid. They now have three chances to pass the third and final test. (The Hardest of them all), its worth mentioning at this moment that only around 30% of PDI’s actually pass the third and final test, they are using the PINK LICENCE to gain experience at teaching, in other words, they are using the pupil to help them pass their final test by gaining experience.

Some larger schools use these instructors!

Now lets look at the Fully Qualified or ADI. These instructors have passed all three tests and are approved by the DSA to teach people to drive and get paid for doing so. These will display a GREEN OCTAGONAL certificate in the windscreen of the car.

Which one will you choose?


more to follow soon….  

CPD / Other Qualifications

CPD (Continual Professional Development) is fairly new to the ADI industry although not new to the outside world as we call it. CPD is all about making oneself better at what we do. There are all sorts of other qualifications an ADI can take to make themselves better, below are just a few.

Fleet Registered Trainer

DIAmond Advanced Test

DIAmond Special Test





DIP DI (Diploma in driving instruction)

Taxi Training

DIAmond Examiner

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